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Exploring iPads

Exploring iPads

Through a technology grant, our school is fortunate to have 10 iPads for the primary classes to share. We use these to practice our skills using fun apps like Bugs and Buttons. I will publish a more detailed post soon about how we use the iPads. The children love them!


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Get Buggy!

ImageLast Tuesday we “got buggy” with an in-class presentation called “Get Buggy!” from High Touch, High Tech Science. Galaxy Gavin brought his collection of bugs and scientific tools into our classroom and we had a great time as honorary entomologists.  The children learned about sorting and classifying bugs, the difference Imagebetween insects, arachnids, and millipedes, and how to use five senses to explore science.  

We used spinnerettes (glues bottles) to create a silk (glue gel) web.  The children also learned a fun action song called “Head, Thorax, Abdomen” to remember the names of the three main insect parts.  It was a really fun morning, and a great way to continue our spider study.



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Welcome to our Pumpkin Patch!

We painted the pumpkins onto black paper, and then children were given paper scraps to create the faces. Aren’t they fabulous?

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Happy Halloween!

Even though Halloween is more than a week away, we are definitely feeling spooky in our class!  I can’t really resist a great deal at the dollar store, so when I saw some glittery Halloween foam stickers, I just had to buy them. They Imagewere perfect for our patterning unit wrap up!
We used the foam stickers to create AB patterns in our books.  We also used Halloween stamps, regular stickers, Imageand bingo dabbers (by popular request!) to create patterns on other pages.

We have been practicing patterns for several weeks now, and some children were ready for the added challenge of describing their patterns in different ways (such as with numbers, actions, or other items).  Some children took on a more difficult task of patterning with a Imagelarger core (3 or 4 elements), while others needed extra practice with a simpler core (AB).

We will continue to practice pattern through calendar activities and math work stations throughout the year.  Patterning is a crucial skill that lays a foundation for mathematical fluency in the later grades, so please continue to practice at home.  A fun way is to play “guess my pattern” with actions or funny sounds.  Looking for patterns in nature, songs, books, and fabrics/visual arts is always an interesting challenge as well.

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Guided Drawing: An Owl

Guided Drawing: An Owl

Each afternoon, we practice Guided Drawing. Sometimes we make a drawing in our drawing books, and other times we do it on large paper to display. In a Guided Drawing lesson, the students follow the teacher’s drawing step by step. This is a great exercise in listening, following instructions, and referencing an example. It also helps students develop their drawing skills. How cute are these owls?!

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Tasting Applesauce

On Friday, we made applesauce in the crockpot.  Mrs. B came in to help each child use the old fashioned apple peeler/corer, and then the kids used butter knives to chop up the apple slices.  We cooked it on high all day in the crock pot!  It smelled really tasty!  Check out the kids’ reaction during the taste test:

I laugh out loud every time I listen to it!  They don’t mince their words, do they?!

It was a lot of fun preparing the apples and sharing in the children’s excitement as we anticipated testing our creation.  A HUGE thank you goes out to Mrs. B for coming in for almost the whole day to help prepare the applesauce, decorate the containers, and package a sample for each family in a baby food jar.  This week we will make “pumpkin pie in a bag.”  I will post the recipe here so you can try it at home.  I can’t wait to do this with the class and I have a feeling the kids will all think it’s pretty tasty 🙂

Crockpot Applesauce

Peel, core, and slice about 1 lb of apples

Chop into small pieces and add to the crock pot.  Add about 1/2 cup of water, and cook on high for 3 hours.  Mash with a potato masher and cook on low for 2 more hours.

If desired, use an immersion blender to create a smooth consistency.

Optional:  add brown sugar and cinnamon during cooking.


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ImageToday we had a wonderful adventure out in our community!  Both kindergarten classes headed out on the public transit system to Watershed Park in Delta to do some scientific research.  
Armed with clipboards, pencils, and a pocket snack, we ventured into the woods to record some signs of fall.  Before we left, we talked about observing nature and what senses we would need to use.

Each person had a clipboard with a scavenger hunt paper attached, and many kids found most of the things we were looking for–leaves of all different fall colors, fallen trees, mushrooms, slugs, holes where small Imageanimals might live, squirrels, and birds.  At one point, we heard a squirrel chittering away in a tree, but he must have seen us because he quickly stopped!

Afterwards, we returned to school to eat our lunches and journal about our experience.  For many kids, a highlight of the morning was riding the bus with their friends.  Others loved tossing leaves into the air at the end of our scavenger hunt.  Some students found giant maple leaves on the forest floor, which they brought back to the classroom. Image

We will be doing more activities to learn about how our five senses help us observe the world around us. At home, you can play “sensory I spy.”  Go beyond visual descriptions during the game–instead of simply saying, “I spy something red,” give clues like, “I spy something that smells sweet,” or “I spy something soft.”  Encourage your child to use their five senses (touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing) to explore around them to solve your riddle.


Upcoming events:

 October 19: No school, ProD Day

October 29: Pumpkin Patch field trip

October 30: Pumpkin Carving with big buddies

October 31: wear a costume to school!  Costume parade, jack-o-lantern display.  Happy Halloween!

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