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ImageOne of my favorite activities from last week was our “ice race.”  We froze three blocks of ice, and the kids worked as teams to melt their ice with droppers.  One table had regular water, one table had sugar water, and one table had salt water.  We discussed our predictions about which one would melt the fastest (predictions were all over the pl


ace!) and then used droppers to see who was correct.  

I worried that the kids

would get bored of using the droppers to melt the ice, but they were very engaged, and surprisingly quiet!  I had to stop them early because of time constraints, so


 the ice wasn’t fully melted…but the winner was clear!  Salt water, of course.  We talked about wha

t had happened, and then recorded the results by drawing pictures (and I scribe


d their observations for them).  Super fun!  



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What a wonderful day!  We spent the afternoon at the Surrey Art Gallery learning about clay and experimenting with different techniques.  We will keep the pots at school for a couple of weeks and paint them before sending them home.  

Here are some pictures from the day!  

Clay Works Field Trip

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Happy New Year!

My apologies for not updating the blog sooner!  It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks now that we are back to school, but the dust is beginning to settle as we move forward into the new term.

So far in January, we’ve had a couple of very snowy days, and this had led to some fun activities relating to snow and winter.  Next week we will start our penguin unit, and after that we will explore bears.

Thank you to all of the parents who have been able to stay for 15 or 20 minutes on Tuesday mornings for “Noisy Reading!”  It is lovely to see families reading together, and it is such a success that I would like to begin “Noisy Math” on Friday mornings in February.  You are invited into the classroom to explore various math work stations with the children, and I think you’ll find it’s quite fun.  It might also give you some ideas of what you can do at home with some simple dollar store materials.

Currently, I am working on creating some bagged math games that the children can check out to play with their families, similar to our home reading program.  They will choose a familiar game to bring home to play with a parent, brother, sister, grandparent, etc, and return it a week later to bring home a different one.  I think this will be a great way to reinforce some of the math concepts we’re working on in class (recognizing dot patterns, part-part-whole relationships, counting, one-to-one correspondence to name a few).

We have also started using planners on a daily basis.  Thank you for helping your child remember to bring it daily, and for checking for any messages each evening.  The planners are a good organizational tool and the students are very enthusiastic about them!

Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been working on lately.  As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to chat with me after school!

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